Business Overview

Passenger Service
Passenger Service

ANA Airport Services supports the various customers who visit the airport in their air travel through their communication ability and teamwork, as the “Face of ANA”. We are widely active in lounges and VIP services, as well as at the check-in counters in the departures lobby and information counters in airport lobbies.

Passenger Services

ANA Airport Services handles the issuance of plane tickets and services for boarding procedures, as well as at the boarding gate and arrivals lobby for both domestic and international flights, and is in charge of process control in the back offices. We are also commissioned with handling services for some foreign airline companies.

  • Boarding Procedure
    Boarding Procedure

    We issue plane tickets, check luggage, and make seat changes.

  • Lobby Services
    Lobby Services

    We provide guidance to passengers boarding airplanes and explanations on how to operate automatic ticketing machines.

  • Guidance for People Who Need Help
    Guidance for People Who Need Help

    We provide support so that people who need help can enjoy comfortable air travel with peace of mind.

  • Closing Aircraft Doors (Domestic)
    Closing Aircraft Doors (Domestic)

    We close the doors of aircraft that are ready for departure, and retract passenger jet bridges.

  • Concierge

    We assist First Class and Diamond Member passengers with their travels.

  • Flight Control
    Flight Control

    We coordinate aspects such as passenger seating, perform quantity management of in-flight meals, gather necessary information for customer support, and communicate with on-site staff members.

  • Other

    ・Transit Counter
    ・Arrivals Lobby
    ・Lost Property Management
    ・Commissioned airline companies
    ・Commissioned airline companies

VIP Services

We provide support for VIP customers from when they arrive at the airport to when they are on the airplane so that they can enjoy high-quality and stress-free services.

Transport Services

At Haneda Airport, which makes up approximately 30% of the total area of Ota Ward in Tokyo, we provide an essential bus transport service as a means of on-site transportation.

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