Diversity & Inclusion

  • We are actively working to foster a corporate culture that turns employee diversity into a key strength of the ANA Group as a whole. We deeply value the diversity that characterizes our organization and groups as we strive to create workplaces that generate fresh value.

    ANA Diversity &
    Inclusion Statement

    We value employee diversity,

    believing that diversity and inclusion are wellsprings of
    innovation and fresh value creation.

    We are working to create workplaces where every individual can fully utilize and
    maximally leverage their strengths.

    We seek to create a group of unshakable trustworthiness and relentless innovation,
    where everyone can derive positive motivation and meaning from their work.

Work-life balance programs

ANA AS has a variety of work-life balance programs in place to support our employees who are engaged in parenting, caregiving, or other outside commitments. We want our employees to stay with us for years to come, so we continue to upgrade this programs through various proposals and internal projects.

Key programs
  • ●Maternity leave
  • ●Limits on early morning/late-night work
  • ●Parenting/caregiving leave
  • ●Medical leave
  • ●Flextime
  • ●Shortened working hours program
  • ●Fewer working days program
  • ●Special leave program
  • ●Exemptions/limits on overtime work
  • ●Telecommuting program

Hiring people with disabilities

The ANA Group feels a natural responsibility to serve the public by offering jobs to people with disabilities—regardless of whether it has a legal obligation to do so. We also believe that including people with disabilities in our workforce is one of our group’s most valuable strengths.
For this reason, we make sure that all of our employees correctly understand “disability” as just one face of diversity. We want to make the most of each employee’s strengths as an individual with workplaces that foster confidence, pride, and self-actualization. Specifically, we are implementing the following initiatives in the hope of further energizing our corporate group.

    • (1) Every one of us shall make every effort to eliminate barriers that might hinder people with disabilities in carrying out their work.
    • (2) Every one of us shall respect each other’s individuality. Employees with disabilities shall communicate requests for support to their teams and help them to properly understand their needs.
    • (3) Every one of us shall focus on what can be done rather than what cannot be done, as we seek to maximize the unlimited potential in each person.
    • (4) The ANA Group shall provide opportunities for every employee—regardless of disability—to shine, understanding that this is an essential factor in our business development.

Employment Record for Handicaps

Number of Handicaps

※Count short-time worker as 0.5 person, Heavy handicaps as 2 person

Percentage of Handicaps

※Legal employment rate 2.3%

Percentage of Employee Retention Rate(remain employed over a year)

※Recent 3 years

※Employment Record based on 06.01,2021

Handicaps at ANA AS

At ANA AS, we have lots of employments with handicapped person, Working with full support.

For an example, staff section we do…

  • EX) Tally data
  • Translate to PDF data
  • Tasks for salary paycheck
  • Other works for individual section

Also, Line section we do…

  • EX) Administrative support
  • Special vehicle inspection
  • Support for passenger services

Other programs

Jobs for returning employees

This program welcomes back employees who needed to leave ANA AS for reasons beyond their control (parenting responsibilities, spousal transfer, family caregiving, or similar reasons).

Eligible employees: Those who were once fully-contracted ANA AS employees and who left the job due to parenting responsibilities, spousal transfer, family caregiving, or similar reasons.

Overseas training programs

In an effort to develop human resources capable of coming out ahead in all-out global competition, we are implementing overseas training programs with a focus on our younger employees. Participation in these programs develops their identity as true citizens of the world while fostering independence, action-taking, and an understanding of the need to develop logical opinions that can be readily communicated to others.

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