Business Overview

Operations Management
Operations Management

ANA Airport Services coordinates with other airports within AMC (Airport Management Center), which is the hub of operations, other departments of the ANA group, the Civil Aviation Bureau, and other relevant offices, and links with various departments within Haneda Airport to support safe and smooth operations.

Control Operations

We cooperate with various departments with the aim of achieving safe operations and on-time departures, and make optimal judgments depending on the state of operations.

  • Load Control
    Load Control

    We coordinate the capacity of cargo and baggage so that the center of gravity and weight of the aircraft falls within the specified values.

  • Spot Control
    Spot Control

    We adjust the allotment of parking aprons by prioritizing the convenience of passengers.

Operation Support

We check the weather and airport information en route and at the destination, and support cockpit crew from the ground so that they can navigate a safe and comfortable route.

  • Operations Support Counter
    Operations Support Counter

    Counter where operations support staff convey the weather conditions and information related to passengers/cargo to the cockpit crew

  • Wireless Radio
    Wireless Radio

    We monitor communication between the cockpit crew and traffic controllers, obtain accurate arrival times, and convey necessary information using in-house radio

Operation Supervision

Experienced staff gather from various departments and oversee roles at the control tower, providing on-site support

  • Airport Management Director(AMD)
    Airport Management Director(AMD)

    Person responsible for overall operations at Haneda Airport

  • Airport Management Officer(AMO)
    Airport Management Officer(AMO)

    Assists the AMD and formulates policies related to daily operations

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