Business Overview

Passenger Service
Ramp Service Cargo Service

The contents of our services vary widely. They include, but are not limited to, guiding aircraft to loading and unloading cargo, creating loading plans and instructions, and cleaning aircraft. These are services that are directly related to the safety and punctuality of operations, and to the provision of a comfortable space for customers.

Ramp Services

ANA Airport Services carries out the necessary work, from when an aircraft arrives to when it departs, at the parking aprons. We also carry out process management, including all work related to the state of preparation of the passenger cabins and the boarding status of passengers.

  • Marshalling

    We guide aircrafts that have landed to their designated stop position.

  • Baggage Handling
    Baggage Handling

    We handle luggage checked by customers in a speedy and careful manner.

  • Headset Operators
    Headset Operators

    We report on the progress of work to pilots during takeoff and landing.

  • Process Control of Aircraft Side
    Process Control of Aircraft Side

    We control the work process from arrival to departure.

  • Aircraft Cleaning
    Aircraft Cleaning

    We conduct external inspections while cleaning aircrafts with dedicated apparatuses.

  • Pushback

    Consists of pushing departing aircraft to a location where they can propel themselves forward, using a special vehicle.

  • Towing

    We move aircraft using a special vehicle.

  • Other

    ・Operation of automatic guidance equipment
    ・Ground power supply work (power supply vehicles)
    ・Loading and unloading work ・Brakeman
    ・Wingtip observer
    ・De-icing and anti-icing work
    ・Passenger jet bridge operation

Passenger Cabin Cleaning

We make preparations for departure, centering on the cleaning of the cabin, loading and unloading passenger cabin supplies, and work related to storage, water supply/drainage and sewage.

  • Water Supply/Drainage and Sewage Processing
    Water Supply/
    Drainage and Sewage Processing

    We carry out water supply and drainage for drinking water used on aircraft.

  • Cleaning Inside Aircrafts
    Cleaning Inside Aircrafts

    We clean every corner of the passenger cabin of aircraft that have arrived, replenish the passenger cabin supplies, and tidy up the cabin so that passengers can be welcomed again.

  • Management of Passenger Cabin Supplies
    Management of
    Passenger Cabin Supplies

    We carry out inventory management of blankets, earphones, and other items used by passengers on aircraft.

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