Mission Statement

Our Core Commitments

The ANA Group

  • Mission Statement

    Built on a foundation of security and trust,
    “the wings within ourselves” help to
    fulfill the hopes and dreams of an interconnected world.

  • Management Vision

    It is our goal to be the world’s leading airline group
    in customer satisfaction and value creation.

  • ANA Group Safety Principles

    Safety is our promise to the public
    and is the foundation of our business.

    Safety is assured by an integrated management system
    and mutual respect.

    Safety is enhanced through indivisual performance
    and dedication.

  • Course of ANA Group
    Safety Action

    • 1. Strictly observe rules & regulations,
      and all actions will be grounded on safety.
    • 2. As a professional, place safety as the number one priority while keeping your health in mind.
    • 3. Address any questions and sincerely accept the opinions of others.
    • 4. Information will be accurately reported
      and shared in a timely manner.
    • 5. Continuous self-improvemnt for prevention and
      avoiding re-occurrence.
    • 6. Lessons are learned from experience, and
      increase skills for risk awareness.
  • Course of ANA Group Safety ActionANA's Way

    To live up to our motto of
    "Trustworthy, Heartwarming, Energetic!"
    we work with:

    • 1.Safety

      We always hold safety as our utmost priority,
      because it is the foundation of our business.

    • 2.Customer Orientation

      We create the highest possible value for our customers by viewing our actions from their perspective.

    • 3.Social Responsibility

      We are committed to contributing to a better,
      more sustainable society with honesty and integrity.

    • 4.Team Spirit

      We respect the diversity of our colleagues worldwide and come together as one team
      by engaging in direct, sincere and honest dialogue.

    • 5.Endeavor

      We endeavor to take on any challenge in the global market
      through bold initiative and innovative spirit.


  • HR VisionHR Vision

    Economic and social conditions are changing rapidly amidst our own transition to a new group structure—making it more important than ever to ensure stable, sustainable corporate growth. This growth in turn depends on offering reliable, ongoing growth opportunities for the employees that make our company run. At ANA AS, we believe that our people are our greatest treasure, and seek to treat them as such by providing them extensive opportunities for growth and development. We have even defined the “I deal type Human Resources Sought” as one of our Core Values under the ANA’s Way. Our shared values of longstanding airport expertise and a dedicated, sincere, and reliable approach to our work are rooted in universal principles that keep us on track towards embodying our group mission statement, creating a shared direction for all employees, and fostering both their personal and professional growth.

Mission Statement

Defines our group mission and reason for being

Management Vision

Defines what we want our group to be in the near term

ANA's Way

Defines the basic values guiding group activities.

The ANA AS treasured employee ideal

A practical breakdown of group principles and values that specifically outlines the way we want our employees to conduct themselves.

ANA Airport Services: Action #4
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