• Our commitment to CSR

    At ANA AS, we believe that corporate social responsibility means
    maintaining open communication with every one of our diverse stakeholders,
    earning the trust and reliance of society as a whole with a commitment to
    our own ongoing growth and sustained positive contributions that make the world a better place.
    Day after day, we want to embody our mission statement
    in all of our corporate activities as we provide every one of you
    with the value you expect from an ANA Group company.

    Core concept

    Strengthen the ANA Group as a whole with activities that preserve and enhance our corporate value, reflecting the needs and feedback of our stakeholders in everything we do.

    Activities that leverage our unique identity to enhance corporate value

    We are actively taking on environmental and social challenges with the aim of creating a society that endures well into the future.

    Boosting customer (CS) and employee (ES) satisfaction

    Preserving and enhancing corporate values are the two pillars at the core of our CS and ES activities. We are working to make both our customers and employees happier.

    Activities that that preserve corporate value for reliability and trust

    Safety is always our first priority in anything we do, and we are uncompromising in ensuring full compliance. We are serious about our economic responsibilities and implement across-the-board risk management strategies throughout our business operations.

    ANA AS initiatives

    ANA AS works with the other companies of the ANA group in the Haneda area on a variety of key initiatives.

    • Community contribution activities

      Grand Summer Festival at Haneda Shrine

    • Social contribution activities

      Airport workshops at foster homes

    • Customer satisfaction activities

      Seasonal events

  • Compliance

    We have built a compliance framework led by our CSR Promotion Leader in line with the ANA Group Compliance Regulations.
    We are also clearly defining our relationships with legal departments as we ramp up efforts to minimize legal risks and prevent any situation that might compromise our corporate value.

  • Risk management

    ANA AS has stationed CSR Promotion Leaders in each group company and division, creating a framework that promotes risk management activities. CSR Promotion Leaders take charge of this area in each company and division to ensure that risks are properly addressed and that risk mitigation measures are systematically implemented.

  • Our commitment for Health Achievement

    At 2016, In recognizing that promotion of employees' health is one of management issues, ANA Group have drawn up the “ANA Group Health Declaration" in order to maintain initiatives to promote health and are actively working to ensure our employees' health. At 2019, we redefine our goal and promote the creation of a safe and comfortable workplace environment that enables every single employee’s to enjoy physical and mental health.

    About Specific Measures

    BMI Metabolic Risk ● Reduce the rate of metabolic syndrome
    Smoker ate

    ● Reduce the number of smokers
    1. Abolition of smoking area
    2. Quit Smoking program

    Mental Health

    Maintaining and Enhancing Mental and Physical Health

    1. Implementing Stress Check
    2. Establishing program for long term absense
    3. Mental Health Seminar



    1. Establishing how-to DVD to prevent back pain
    2. Wellness Blog and video streaming
    3. Supporting injured employees
    4. Working on employee’s sleep health
    5. Enlighten self breast cancer check

    • Health Care App
    • Back pain prevention seminar
    • Preparatory stretches for back pain
  • ANA Group Certified as 2021 White 500 for Outstanding Health and Productivity Management

    ANAAS has been selected as a White 500 Company, in the large enterprise category of the 2021 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program.
    We aim to create a healthy, vibrant, innovative organization, and lead ANA Group by supporting healthy BMI/reducing Metabolic Symdrome & smoking rate )of every employee.

  • Numerical Targets of ANAAS

      Rate of Proper BMI Rate of Smokers Rate of Metabolic
    Rate of Physical
    men women men women men women men women
    Number of 2020 66.6 72.2 30.3 3.1 15.1 2.0 24.7 34.4
    Number of 2019 68.3 76.1 31 3.9 15.7 0.3 28.3 46.6
    Number of 2018 68.5 76.1 33.8 4.3 15.9 1.6 23.2 39.5
    Number of 2017 68.8 76 31.7 3.6 13.1 0.6 30.5 57
    Numerical Targets 73 81 29 3.5 13 0.5 23.7 49.9

    Numerical Targets as of 2020

  • Organizational System to Promote Health and
    Productivity Management

    ANA AS Human Recourse organizes programs to promote health and productivity management throughout the ANA Group, while cooperating with an ANA Group Employee Health Division and ANA Group Health Insurance Society.

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